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The Stewardship Playbook

Faithful stewardship involves more than just the management of God's possessions and resources. A whole lot more. The Lord also wants a return on His investment––everything that He has entrusted to us. He owns it all––our time, our talents, our children, our marriage, our career, our business, our paychecks and financial assets, our emotions, our taste buds, and our body, which houses His Holy Spirit. As blood-bought saints of Christ what do we oversee that doesn't rightfully belong to Him?


In The Stewardship Playbook, Lawrence Funderburke (aka Mr. Fundy) offers Biblical guidelines and practical tools to help Christians become more cognizant, more committed, and more compassionate stewards. First, though, the issue of Lordship must be settled in our hearts before it manifests in our actions. 


All of us have room for improvement as stewards, servants of God the Father who let go so that we can let Him take us to new heights in our worship, in our witness, and in our wisdom of His Son, our Savior and soon coming King. 


The sacrifice that restored us back to God was paid on the Cross, but the cost of discipleship is what we owe Him. The payment method? A surrendered life to Jesus––every day.


Now, what are you still holding onto that you haven't released to the Lord?


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The Stewardship Playbook

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