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Former NBA player Lawrence Funderburke launches his most exciting and power-packed book to date: Momentum Power Play: How to Create It If You’ve Never Had It and Keep It Going Once You’ve Got It to help people win more consistently in life


Columbus, OHIO, November 4, 2019 – Former Ohio State and NBA player turned author Lawrence Funderburke just released Momentum Power Play, an inspirational guide to helping create and keep the momentum necessary to consistently win in life.


Momentum separates great companies from mediocre, successful sports franchises from subpar, and successful people from those who struggle to gain meaningful traction in life.


Major sporting events are full of obvious momentum shifts: a key player gets injured, an unanticipated shooting slump by a red-hot scorer, or an interception that reignites a lackluster defense. So is everyday life. Recognizing when they occur, or when they need to—at school, work, and home—is an integral part of personal, professional, and relational success.


In Momentum Power Play, Funderburke helps readers take advantage of momentum opportunities. Those who’ve experienced momentum will learn vital keys to keep it going. Those who’ve had it before and lost it will see how to get it back. And those who’ve never had momentum will learn to create it.


“I wrote Momentum Power Play to help the hopeless find hope, motivate the unmotivated society has written off, empower the disempowered who want something better, and educate the highly educated on poverty’s complicated plight,” said Funderburke. “It’s my most powerful, instructive, readable, practical, and insightful book yet, and I’m excited to share it with my readers.”


Momentum Power Play offers readers a life and legacy game plan by tackling these five key areas:

  • The Power of Preparation. Before embarking on any momentum goal, one needs to know what’s required for the journey. This section contains the steps to compile, compute, and complete goals.

  • The Power of Perspective. Seeing a momentum goal—and oneself—in the proper context is important to persistence. It hinges on having the right frame of reference. Personal biases and emotional hang-ups often destroy a new perspective.

  • The Power of Praise. Diligence in giving or receiving praise is a delicate process. Too little might lead to a disapproval addiction and too much to an approval addiction. How praise is received varies by brain and personality type. Readers will uncover their cerebral lobe profiles and preferred momentum booster types in this section.

  • The Power of Pain. Personal brokenness can lead to decision fatigue as well as a jaded life outlook when old wounds remain as open scabs. The severity of one’s emotional pain will depend on the drop —childhood trauma, abandonment, or abuse—and who did the dropping.

  • The Power of Purpose. Purpose is about people, and those who don’t like dealing with people struggle with life’s purpose. Purposeful people lead lives of substance and display unwavering conviction when it’s convenient to settle for less.



Book details:

ISBN: 9870998020327

Price: $30.00 (soft cover)

Pages: 248

Available at:



About Lawrence Funderburke

Lawrence Funderburke (aka Mr. Fundy) is a man of momentum. After the NBA, his life's purpose became much richer, clearer, and more meaningful: giving hope to the hopeless and equipping people with the tools to build legacy assets—personally, professionally, relationally, financially, and spiritually. An accomplished author, seasoned public speaker, and thought leader, Lawrence’s inspirational life story in overcoming poverty and paternal abandonment speak volumes about his Christian faith and never-give-up mentality in the face of a difficult and dysfunctional upbringing.


His other books include The Stewardship Playbook: Biblical Guidelines and Practical Tools to Handle God's Possessions with Diligence and Sociopsychonomics: How Social Classes Think, Act, and Behave Financially in the Twenty-First Century.


Lawrence and his wife Monya operate the Funderburke Institute of Financial Empowerment (F-I-F-E) and their non-profit arm, the Lawrence Funderburke Youth Organization (LFYO). They have two teenage children. 


Visit,, or for more information on Lawrence's outreach efforts, speaking opportunities, and book orders.  


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Monya Funderburke

Phone: 614-385-4080


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